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What is Sound Healing?

(excerpt taken from Fabien Maman's new book:  The Tao of Sound
- acoustic sound healing for the 21st century

© Tama-Do Academy 2010)

“Through Tama-Do, my Academy of Sound Healing, Color Therapy and Chi Movement®,
I have dedicated 30 years of sound healing research and practical application,
to identify and develop a subtle structure linking acoustic sound healing and music
with our DNA, acupuncture meridians, organs, chakras and energy fields
- expanding outwards to the greater spiral of nature,
the seasons, the stars and beyond…

This, to me, is the essence of sound healing:
when, through a specific acoustic sound structure,
we bring human beings, nature and the cosmos into healing harmony.
The universal energy field becomes one.”

-Fabien Maman

The Art of Sound Healing

Sound healing should be an artistic synthesis of beauty, harmony and inspiration. Sound healing is an expression of love. The soul must be nourished and given hope for the body to heal.

The art of sound healing is to create a resonance between the higher self and the body. This resonance initiates recognition, understanding, knowledge, restoration, re-centering and finally self healing.

The key word is resonance.

In everyday life there are many circumstances which can activate a resonance with higher aspects of yourself such as meeting an inspiring person, being moved by the beauty of an unusual landscape, a sunset or the blue of the Mediterranean sea, or by listening to beautiful music, to the wind in the forest, or to the song of a bird.

Love, music and nature offer the most sublime and uplifting possibilities of resonance. When this resonance is blocked we suffer; we are out of balance with the higher aspects of ourselves.

Seeking elevated experiences and allowing ourselves to be touched and moved by the beauty in life will certainly start the natural process of our own healing and evolution.

The power of acoustic sound healing rests in the overtones.

Because of the property of anti-matter in an overtone, a delicate weightless quality is brought to our own vibration. We feel light as an angel.

This is what acoustic sound healing can offer. People feel more light.

As Schopenhauer has said, “Music seems to whisper in our ear, ‘Listen to me, I can transform you.’ ”

Tama-Do Paradigm for Sound Healing

“I believe that the potential for vibrant health, as well as illness,
begins in our subtle energy fields (aura), and that acoustic sound
(along with color and chi movement), when used within a specific harmonic structure,
is the most effective tool we can use to dissolve negative energetic patterns
and enhance healing and harmony.”
Fabien Maman

How do we get sick?

It is my belief that sickness begins in our auric field, not in the physical body. By the time we feel a pain in our kidneys or our lung, we have been ‘working on it’ unconsciously, for a very long time.

Whenever we think a negative thought or feel a negative emotion, we shoot 12 volts of electricity into our energy field. Negative thoughts land in our mental subtle body. Heavy emotions land in our astral (emotional) subtle field. If we obsess about our negative thought or feeling, we can send a shock of electricity into our field every three minutes! Multiply this by the number of years of obsession with a problem, and that’s a lot of electricity!

Negative patterns create an excess of density in the energy field. In our energy work, we can scan someone’s subtle fields and ‘read’ their obsessions. These spots in the field feel sticky like glue or hot to our hand.

Eventually, if not cleared, the ‘hot spot’ in the field crystallizes and becomes extremely dense, causing an energy stagnation and blockage. People carry negative energy unconsciously around with them for years. They don’t realize how heavy their thoughts can be. It’s like carrying around an extra fifty pounds of garbage on the head or on their back (wherever the hot spot is manifesting).

If not cleared, the negative energy will eventually penetrate a weak chakra, then an acupuncture meridian, and at last an organ, where, finally, the person feels a physical sickness. It can take 30 years of obsession to manifest in the cellular level!

So illness and disease happens where a long term imbalance exists. We have lost our way. We no longer resonate with our fundamental essence within our cells and DNA, organs, meridians, chakras and energy fields. We lose contact with the greater spiral of nature, the seasons, the stars and beyond…

(The importance of the auric field has been underlined by a few pioneers other than myself: Andrew Taylor Still, William Garner Sutherland, Fritjof Capra, Dr. Hamer, Bert Hellinger and the biologist Rupert Sheldrake all belong to this new paradigm creating a bridge between the actual science and ancestral wisdom.)

What is health?

“Health is harmony and balance.
In music, harmony occurs when two notes vibrate in resonance with each other.
There is a synergy, a vibratory affinity that creates an opening -
a space between the two notes.
Harmony opens all dimensions of one’s being -
from ancestral memories to cosmic purpose...
Health happens when we fulfill our vibratory essence -
our full potential as human beings and a Soul.
We are in resonance within our Selves and the Universe.
We respect the Laws of Nature and the Cycles of Time.
We walk the Path, filled with wonder and Joy.
I call this path Tama-Do, which means “The Way of the Soul” in Japanese/Kototama.
Tama-Do is the name of my Academy of Sound Healing, Color Therapy and Chi Movement®.
We give thanks to the Universe, and give back for all that we have received.”
Fabien Maman

It’s all about relationship

“Any sound healing modality, whether you are using tuning forks or Tibetan bowls,
must be grounded in a coherent musical scale based on Classical music traditions.
Coherence between notes leads to harmony.
Incoherence leads to disharmony or chaos.”
Fabien Maman

Sound Relationships in Tama-Do

As I pointed out in my previous chapter, I use several different musical scales for sound healing in my Academy. It all depends on what level I am working.

If I want to harmonize the subtle energy field (aura) outside the physical body (and without touching the physical body), I use Pythagoras’ overtone progression (harmonic scale), as it is found in the natural sounds of the elements and nature. (For more information see Chapter X: Shamanism of the Light® (with Music!))

On the physical body, through the acupuncture meridians, I use the “equal tempered chromatic scale” (see below), to feed the organs, cells and DNA. The chromatic tempered scale (like the black and white keys on the piano) offers a density that corresponds with the physical body.

If you are a real musician, you use this scale to create music. Our bodies, for centuries now, correspond to this scale.

In between the physical and subtle bodies, I harmonize the chakras with the Cycle of Fifths, which bridges the gap between physical and non physical, visible and non visible. (See Chapter VIII on Chakras.)

Each of these musical scales have one thing in common: there is a Classical, mathematical relationship between each note.
This is fundamental for sound healing.
If there is no relationship, there is no coherence. If there is no coherence, there is no harmony.
If there is no harmony, there is no space for sound healing to occur.


for more on sound healing, read Fabien Maman's new book:
The Tao of Sound: acoustic sound healing for the 21st century....