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The Master Lineage

We would like to honor the work of those who have come before and those who are still with us who have helped Tama-Do Academy to transmit this wonderful work.


The Guides of the Academy and our Star Families

along with

Rudolph Steiner
Jacques Duponchelle
Peter Deunov
Christic and Buddhic Energy

Masters of Sound

The Zwawoua an African tribe that played in the streets of Oran

Baden Powell who brought a very noble and natural sound through his style and compositions

Sensei M. Nakazano who brought Kototama, The Science of Pure Sound, to the west

Fabien Maman, who took 5 sounds and created 12…. and who continues the work of the Masters...

Masters of Color

Dwahl Kuhl, Ascended Master who inspired Alice Bailey

Alice Bailey, who received the 7 Rays

Vicky Wall, who captured the essence of the 7 Rays in Aura Soma

Theo Gimbel, a vital color therapy researcher

Mikhail Ivanoff, Master of the White Brotherhood

Patricia Janusz, who received the Rainbow Etheric Essences from Vicky Wall, and who transmitted her knowledge to Faery/Shaman Terres Unsoeld...

Terres Unsoeld, who created the Faery Essences®... and who continues the work of the Masters...

Masters of Chi Movement

O Sensei Ueshiba, an amazing warrior of wisdom, who created Aiki-Do, a non-violent form of martial art to redirect energy, in a peaceful way, with grace and efficiency. Ueshiba brought this martial art to the highest and finest degree possible, as a link between the very tangible and the invisible world

Sensei Nakazono, who made a synthesis of Aiki-do and Kototama, carrying it forward to the West

Master Pang Ming who created Zhineng- Chi-Gong

Fabien Maman who created Tao Yin Fa Series I-V… and who continues the work of the Masters...

French Connection

Nicole Bartolucci the Druidic Priestress who initiates us to the invisible world and brings us the 8 Master Stars, Healing Trees and doorway to the Devas of Nature through sound and movement

Dr. Patrick Camus, Research in Color therapy creator of the Color Glasses

Dr. Rene Gandolfi, leader of the School of Pragmatic Anthroposophy

Jean Michel Weiss, researcher in color therapy and creator of wonderful color tools.

Joel Sternheimer, physicist, who discovered the "music of the elementary particles and molecules"

Dr. Dominique Eraud, researcher in naturopathy and acupuncture

Boris de Bardo Master, Fabien Maman's first acupuncture and energy teacher

Lou Bonin, Spiritual Master of the lineage of the Apostles of Jesus


We must always remember from where we come - to know where we are going...