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Tama-Do Academy’s Level I Professional Training Program
with Master Teachers Fabien Maman and Terres Unsoeld

Level I: The Body as a Harp
Course Descriptions

Founded in 1988 by Fabien Maman, founding father of vibrational sound therapy (Websters’ Dictionary), Tama-Do is dedicated to the evolution of Human Consciousness through research, teachings and creativity. With a summer base in Europe and a Sound Garden in Southern California, we offer courses in non-invasive techniques using Sound, Color and Movement® and Harmonizing Concerts to ground the Soul in daily life.

Our Practitioner Training Program consists of Level I (132 hours), Level II Training (84 hours), Practice Protocol including 50 Practice sessions, and a Level I Review and Test. Training usually takes up to 2 years to complete. Previous energy experience is recommended.

Level I: The Body as a Harp

These techniques are taught in a series of 9 Courses plus a Level I Review. They may be taken in any order. All nine Level I Courses are taught each year in California (one week in November, one week in January, and one week in March). We also teach weekend courses around the world. (Please see schedule.)

We also offer a Level I Two Week Summer Intensive once a year in Switzerland, where all 9 classes are offered. (this is three weeks of work taught in two weeks - for those with previous energy experience or busy schedules.)

Here is a description of our 9 Level I courses:

Kototama, the Science of Pure Sound ~ Music Therapy to Harmonize the Body, Mind and Spirit (2 Days).

Tao of Sound

Traced back to Celtic and Druidic tradition, this esoteric teaching has been transmitted secretly and orally within the Japanese culture for the last 2000 years. Fabien Maman, initiated by his Japanese Master of Aikido and acupuncture, Sensei Nakazano, back in the early 70s, will transmit his own precise sound correspondences to harmonize the organs, chakras, subtle energy fields with the seasons, directions and stars. Drawing from more than 30 years as a musiciaown precise n/composer, acupuncturist and researcher, Fabien Maman aligns with the ancient traditions of classical music, mathematics, Chinese medicine, astrology and esoteric philosophy, as spelled out in his new book, The Tao of Sound.

See Fabien Maman's amazing color slides showing the impacts of acoustic sound on human cells. Conducted in 1981, this sound/cellular research helped to shape the landscape of sound healing as we know it today. Explore how acoustic instruments and elemental sounds can clear negative patterns in the energy field. Experience a "Tama-Do Harmonization," conducted by Fabien Maman and Faery/Shaman Terres Unsoeld for the entire class.

This course is taught only once a year in the United States. This is a rare opportunity to learn from the Master himself.

TEP (Tama-Do Extra Points) ~ a Touch Technique to balance the emotions, chakras and aura (2 days).


This wonderful touch technique balances the Chakras and subtle energy fields (Auras) of the body, using Chi in the etheric (physical) body, sound in the astral (emotional) body, and color in the mental body. Each session creates a whirlpool of energy, allowing deep transformation.

Students will learn basic scanning to assess the energetic qualitiies of the chakras and subtle energy fields (Auras); point location and the energetic meanings of 21 key energy points of the body; sound and colour correspondences for the chakras; as well as Fabien’s personal overview about how raising human frequencies with Chi and our connection with the universe. TEP is an excellent complement to polarity, cranial sacral and other touch techniques. It helps to balance emotional distress and ground the people in their bodies.

Tama-Do’s TEP sound tubes and lights will be available for practice and experience!

Tuning Forks on Acupuncture Command Points (Shu Points) and Assessment (3 days).

Tuning Forks

Fabien Maman is the one who first brought steel tuning forks to the United States, to be used on acupuncture meridians to heal the body, mind and spirit. His work inspired others to follow - creating a sound healing revolution that is world-wide. Dozens of sound healing schools have been inspired by his sound healing research and techniques. This is an opportunity to go to the source and learn from the Master.

In this comprehensive sound healing course, students will learn the basic principals of the Chinese 5 Elements and acupuncture. They will learn point location and Fabien Maman's unique sound correspondences for the 12 main organs and acupuncture meridians of the body.

Through the application of tuning forks to specific acupuncture points, the physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual levels may be accessed. Basic principals of tuning fork use on acupuncture points will be taught, as well as complete treatment protocol from assessing and evaluating an individual’s meridian, elemental and energetic imbalances to selecting the appropriate musical interval and color to re-establish balance.

Tuning Forks on Acupuncture Command Points is an excellent technique to empower the organs, bringing health and vitality to the physical body. This technique is good for clients who are weak, sick or challenged with physical issues.

Terres Unsoeld, Tama-Do Senior Instructor, will add her own technique, called "Sound Shiatsu", which chases energy along the zones of the acupuncture meridians, with Fabien's classical tuning forks. This technique offers easy relief to aches and pains in the knees, shoulders and ankles, etc.

Shu Points is ideal for Shiatsu, Massage and Acupuncture practitioners wishing to add ‘cutting edge’ tuning fork techniques to their healing repertoire.

Tuning Forks on the Musical Spine® ~ 2 days.

The spine is the central axis of the physical body. Fabien Maman has created this powerful yet simple technique using tuning forks, the musical modes of the seasons and color lights along the bladder meridian of the spine to harmonize the nervous system, chakras and subtle energy fields (aura). On a physical level, the Musical Spine® helps to relieve back pain and physical trauma. It also helps to relieve emotional pain caught up in cellular memories. On a more fine level, Fabien Maman’s Musical Spine® helps you to link with your central axis… and your direction in life.

Recommended for all healing practitioners, Musical Spine® is one of Tama-Do Academy’s most popular techniques to harmonize body, mind and spirit. It is simple to practice and profound in its healing effects.

Tuning Forks on Musical Spine

Tao Yin Fa Series II, Psycho/Spiritual Movement (1 day).

Fabien Movement

Through this ‘psycho-movement’, Fabien’s own form of Qi Gong, students learn how to release emotional stress and the memory of psychological trouble in the body as well as in the field. And without talking about it! Meditative in nature, and simple to do, this Tai Chi-like movement works in the 8 Directions, which correspond to the Chakras and Subtle Energy Fields (Auras).

Tao Yin Fa Series II is excellent for one’s own self work, as well as for strengthening the positive dynamics of personal interaction.

The Psychology of Chinese Temperaments (2 days).

Students will learn Chinese Five Elements Theory, which describes the essence of our physical anatomy, and add a psychological dimension through the diagnostic protocol of the Six Psychological Temperaments. This diagnostic tool helps you to instantly recognize the temperaments of those around you. Are you a Shao Yang? Tae Yang? Or Yang Ming? What about your lover, your spouse or your boss? Each workshop participant will receive an individualized analysis of his or her unique temperament.

The beneficial and powerful information provided in this workshop is useful for practitioners as a new way to diagnose and treat clients. It complements the knowledge from other psychological disciplines. Whether in counseling, healing interactions, acupuncture, or basic communication, an understanding of temperaments can guide participants to a more optimal approach with other individuals.

Color II: Accessing the Way of the Soul through Color ~ Self Healing with Color (3 days).

Color Book

Faery/Shaman Terres Unsoeld is Tama-Do’s Senior Instructor, teaching workshops around the world. Her life’s work is helping people to create their own paths of self discovery and empowerment. In 2007, inspired by the teachings of Vicky Wall, she wrote Accessing the Way of the Soul through Color, a color encyclopedia for the new Age world - filled with her own beautiful color photographs of nature. She then developed her own line of Rainbow Silks and “Faery Essentials”, (essences made from organic oils, organic grape alcohol and spring water), which work on the subtle levels of consciousness to reveal our inner Light.


Join Terres Unsoeld on this amazing journey through the Rainbow Colors using her very own Faery Essences and Rainbow Color Silks. Experience the impacts of color on your chakras and the subtle energy fields (aura). Learn to balance your energies and awaken your Divine Essence. Students will learn the archetypal wisdom of each color, as they relate to the 7 Rays, Kabballah and beyond…

As we shift to a New Age consciousness, we must learn new ways to open our Way of the Soul. This course is a pivotal in the Tama-Do training. It's a beautiful journey....

Color Silks

Tuning Forks on the Subtle Body Command Points (8 Qi Mo) ~ Harmonizing the physical body, chakras and aura (3 days) (3 days).

Fabien Maman’s basic healing paradigm is that sickness happens first in the energy field, and that we must clear this negative energy first before deep healing and regeneration can occur on the physical level. Based on this principal, he took the Chinese 8 Extraordinary Acupuncture Meridians (8 Qi Mo) which run the main functions of the body, and developed a powerful tuning fork technique which helps to elevate the energy of these 8 points on the body to the more subtle levels of consciousness in the chakras and the subtle energy fields (Aura). By healing the energy field first, deep healing can occur within the cells and DNA of the physical body.

Students will learn how to empower the functions of these 8 master points, as well as the chakras and aura, using Fabien Maman's Classical Tuning Forks and Color Lights. These powerful techniques are used to elevate energy from the physical to a more subtle level of consciousness.

This advanced tuning fork technique is a powerful tool for practitioners to balance their clients on all levels, from the physical to the spiritual. Students must first take Shu Points or Musical Spine before taking this course.

Tuning Forks on Command Points

Color II: Color Healing and Diagnosis for Practitioners

It is known that if a client is physically ill, healing can occur not only from the physical level, but from the emotional, mental or spiritual level as well. Color can work at the speed of light to open the way of the Soul to healing. Color comes from the Light. We are all part of the Light.

Using Faery/Shaman Terres Unsoeld Faery Essences®, Rainbow Color silks and lights, we will learn the fine art of color diagnosis and healing. These remarkable color tools are used to identify and release energy disturbances in the mind, body and spirit. Students will explore the archetypal meanings and consciousness of the 12 rainbow colors, as they relate to the 7 Rays, Kabballah, and beyond... Learn how to scan and apply silks and essences in the chakras and subtle bodies to balance the body, mind and spirit. Experience long distance healing - an important tool to assist loved ones who are far away....

This is a practical, hands-on course, recommended for all healing practitioners who wish to add some new Light into their practice. It is also good for all who wish to experience the pure joy of color !

Level I Review and Tama-Do Practitioner Code of Ethics (3 days)

Students review all 9 Tama-Do Level I techniques to deepen their understanding of comparative diagnosis. Students will be re-enforced on how to apply Tama-Do techniques in their practice.

In preparation for the Level I Test (required to participate in Level II), students will review TEP, Shu Points, 8 Qi Mo and Musical Spine, as well as Tao Yin Fa Series I and II. They will review how to link scanning in the Auric Fields with pulses on the organic level, and make a synthesis for diagnosis.

The Tama-Do Code of Ethics, as well as business and marketing strategies will be discussed.