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Color Therapy - Color Healing

Color Therapy 2
(photo courtesy Sean Laakso)

Je caresse le ciel
Par le soufflé de mon àme
Avec les couleurs de ma vision

Je bois le rose du ciel
Par le bleu de mes yeux
Je m'enivre de bonheur…

I caress the sky
With the breath of my Soul
With colors of my vision

I drink the pink of the sky
Through the blue of my eyes
I am drunk with happiness…

--Fabien Maman

Tama-Do Academy is proud to announce the arrival of our Book V:

"Accessing the Way of the Soul through Color"

Color Book

"Accessing the Way of the Soul" is the definitive journey of color from Star to Cell, according to the Masters' Lineage. From the Source of Pure Light we retrace our steps through the 7 Rays, Zodiac, Kaballah, to our subtle energy fields (Aura), chakras, five elements, acupuncture meridians and organs, grounding our Soul, through color, into the cellular memory and DNA of the physical body.

On a practical level, this book offers 12 color chapters, complete with meditations, affirmations, poetry and self practice for each of the Rainbow Rays of Consciousness. There is also new information on the Future Rays. Tama-Do Color Tools help us to experience, connect with and express our Soul Potentials through the Divine qualities of each color. Fabien Maman offers some private insight into his own personal "Way of the Soul" - giving guidance for others to follow.

This Master Guide of Color is the first of its kind. Bound in a classic Magenta hard cover, with 327 pages and more than 300 glossy color photos of sunrises, landscapes and flowers from around the world, along with Fabien Maman's amazing Kirlian photographs of human cells and Hubble Telescopes photos of outer space... this is the first comprehensive book on the spiritual aspects of color - in color!

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Book V: Accessing the Way of the Soul through Color $100

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"Accessing The Way of the Soul Through Color"
12 CDs of Music, Meditations,
Affirmations, Poetry and Self Practice

Color CDs

more than 6 hours of listening...

This set of 12 Color CDs will guide you to access the Consciousness of each Color.

Red * Orange * Yellow * Green * Turquoise * Blue
Indigo * Violet * Magenta * White * Gold * Pink

In each CD, you will be led on a progression of exercises taking you through the different levels of consciousness, from the physical to the spiritual.

Music * Poetry * Color Concentration * Affirmations
Self Practice * Color Meditation * Master Meditation



--excerpts from Tama-Do's new book on color therapy by
Fabien Maman, Patricia Janusz and Terres Unsoeld

We know that the speed of penetration of color is faster than sound and movement - and since everything in the invisible world is very fast - it is clear that color healing is the link to the universal energy - more than sound healing and Chi.

Color therapy comes to us from the Divine Light, through the 7 Rays of the Cosmos - the source of all energies of the known kingdoms on earth. The first thing you do when you stand on earth is to see color. A star has color and look how powerful it is. When we see the color of a star just with our own eyes, we receive a powerful color healing.

Color Therapy 3

Generally, we cannot receive the sound healing emanating from the vibration of the sound of a star with our own ear. Nor can we feel its Chi with our bodies. The only Chi, so far, that we pick up from the star, is the light entering our body through the eyes. If you take a child on the terrace, at night, with the full moon, and show him Venus, or some other star, you will see him jump up and down with joy like he's eaten a kilo of sugar. This is color therapy penetrating from the star light into the body through his eyes.

Color Therapy 4
(photo courtesy Terres Unsoeld)

Everything we know comes from this light. We are just star light. And because we are divine in nature, we are just beginning to remember...

Color healing is a beautiful journey!

The 7 Rays, as described by Dwahl Kuhl and Alice Bailey, are pure consciousness, with power so strong, a human being cannot translate its direct contact. So the architects of the Universe set up systems of color healing to better facilitate messages being received. They created subtle energy fields (auras), webs of vibration, set up in a hierarchy of density, from fine in the cosmos, to dense in the body, to catch the color healing messages from the sky.

The auric fields translate light into vibrational messages, color therapy, that human beings can understand and assimilate. From the farthest point in the Universe, a hypothetical point called the Gamma Point, the 7 Rays enter our world, feeding the sun, the moon, the stars and the sea, the earth and the trees.

We receive their messages of color therapy in rainbow colors across the sky, the sea and the land.

Color Therapy 5
(photo courtesy
Terres Unsoeld)
Color Therapy 6
(photo courtesy Terres Unsoeld)

As the Rays densify and descend through our fields, they transform from light (color therapy) into sound (sound therapy), allowing us to hear the wind, the overtone through the branches of the tree and the crest of the wave.

And as these color healing Rays move even closer to our physical body, we at last feel the Chi from the vibration of the elements.

Color Therapy 7
Color Therapy 8
Color Therapy 9

Rainbow colors are doorways and corridors of consciousness, offering infinite wisdom through color therapy until we reach the divine. This is Tama-Do's form of color therapy: "The Way of the Soul". And we are never finished.

Our color healing work is to use color to help us connect with and express our soul's potentials. And the rainbow colors are each an expression of the qualities of the divine - giving us special gifts that we may incarne here, on this earth. This is a more spiritual form of color therapy.

In France we have shutters. When the shutters are closed and you stand in a semi darkened room, you will often catch a shaft of light through the angle of the shutter. Like light through a prism, the shutter diffracts the light ray, breaking it into the 7 main rainbow colors - creating rainbow light where before, there was only dark.

As Beings of Light, we are like the sun's rays squeezing through the closed shutters in the darkened room. We come from pure light, but when we incarne, we choose to drop 7 or 8 colors from our spectrum in order to densify into matter. We choose to leave the light and be a little bit in the darkness, so that the colors within us can re-emerge.

We just need to remember what we are and who we are. Tama-Do's form of color therapy will help us on our path.

And, through Tama-Do's color healing work, we have become all the rainbow colors again, and know ourselves consciously, we will be ready to go back to when we were one with the Light.

Color Therapy 10
(photo courtesy Terres Unsoeld)


Tama-Do Academy offers a Color Therapy Certification Program for those wishing to teach color healing, as well as individual courses on color healing and color therapy, for those wishing to further expand their consciousness through physical, spiritual and cosmic exploration.

Color Therapy Certification click here
Color Healing Course Descriptions click here

French Sensitive Patricia Janusz heads Tama-Do's color healing and color therapy work. Tama-Do Academy's Color Sensitive, Terres Unsoeld, along with Master Guide, Fabien Maman, worked in collaboration with French Sensitive Patricia Janusz to create Tama-Do's color healing and color therapy work.

Together, they have crafted a Color Therapy curriculum which works on all levels, from Star to Cell. Practical, yet poetic, Tama-Do Academy's Color Therapy courses offer, through Color, a heightened self awareness where one can learn to make choices in life that link us to our Source. Students develop a daily practice to welcome in the Light.

Tama-Do Academy's Color Therapy curriculum is enhanced by Tama-Do Academy's color book: "Accessing the Way of the Soul through Color" and 12 Color CD Set, more than 6 hours of listening with music, poetry, meditations, affirmations and self-practice. It is also complemented by Tama-Do Academy's Color Tools®, which include:

Tama-Do Academy is proud to announce
the arrival of our new Faery Essences!

faery essences

Many years ago Fabien and I discovered that many essential oils are not organic.
And some of you have expressed a concern about this.
In order to ensure a consistent aroma, fabricators used a chemical solvent to extract the perfume.

We did not like this and began our search for pure organic oils.

It was quite a journey!
Through the help of the Guides, we discovered a cooperative of farmers who not only make organic oils,but they work in a "Shamanic" manner which is in resonance with my Druidic practice:

The farmers talk to their plants.
They promise that they won't hurt the plants by extracting the oils.
They practice sustainability and fair trade practices.
They ask permission of the plants and then take only the outer leaves of the plants.
The plants are never destroyed.
Farmers hand pick and process the plants.
There is no metal machinery residue nor the vibration of the plant in distress.
They cold press the citrus and minimally heat the conifers.

The result is an amazing, high vibration oil, which is alive - just like we are!
The oils wake up at different times of the day - just like we do!
They respond positively to positive vibration around them - just like we do!
If our energy field is toxic - the oils may not reveal themselves......

Like the wonderful creatures of the Faery world - these oils only play with those in tune with the Light.

I created La Fees Essentialles, (The Faery Essentials), so that my faery students can resource their Light.
Every Faery needs to remember the Nature and rekindle the wonder and joy of the Life!

The Faery Essentials will easily complement the Tama-Do work
- which is all about harmonizing the Energy Field.
The Essences are to be used in the aura and chakras, not on the physical body.

Mixed with organic alcohol and spring water,
these Faery Essences follow the colors of the Rainbow and the Chakras.
They still follow the spiritual teachings of color as described in our Color Book,
"Accessing the Way of the Soul through Color."


Tama-Do Rainbow Color Silks®

Rainbow Color Silks

Color Silks® are used for chakra and subtle field balancing, color meditations and accessing ones Soul's Potentials. Silk is a noble material which carries color in the finest vibration, yet is still linked to matter. Organically, silk represents the process of transformation. The silk worm eats matter and spins it into light.

Our Pack of 10 Rainbow Scarves are sewn from the finest of Chinese silk and matching the energetic frequencies of the Rainbow Etheric Essences®, Color Glasses® and Color Light Wheels®. (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Blue, Indigo, Violet, Magenta and White)

We also offer additional colors in Pink, Lavender and Deep Violet and Peacock.

Each scarf is 75" long (over 6 feet). These brilliant colors are an integral part of Tama-Do's techniques.


Tama-Do Color Light Wheel®

13 colored gels in a wheel (based on the color frequencies of Dinshah and the 7 Rays) and perched on a penlight makes this color tool a dream come true for acupuncturists, sound and color practitioners alike. This pen is light! making it quick and easy to use!

Light Wheel

We use the Color Light Wheel with tuning forks on the acupuncture points of the body, as well as for chakra and subtle energy field re-balancing. Advanced students use the light for meditation, to access the higher Cosmic Consciousness of Color.