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Energy and Chi Movement

"The seed of the spiritual is rooted in the physical.
When practicing Chi Movement -
the inner movement of your body mirrors
the movement of the Universe,
producing a fusion which allows you to step into your Soul."
--Fabien Maman


--excerpts from Book II: Raising Human Frequencies, by Fabien Maman

Energy moves, stars and planets move, earth moves, and we, too, must move. Each day our own energy shifts and different dimensions open to us.

Chi is energy. It is the vital force of life in the Universe. Chi travels from the stars, planets and nature through the subtle bodies and animates the physical plane. Chi is love.

When we work with Chi and feel its energy running through our physical and subtle bodies, we know from experience the substance of the Universe. We realize that this spirit flows through us physically and permanently. As we develop our own energy, we form a link to the greater parts of ourselves.

Stand near the sea
Chi image 1
or a tree
Chi image 2
or a mountain
Chi image 3
Breathe in the rays of the sun
Chi image 4
or feel the ebb and flow of the moon.
Chi image 5

Bit by bit you become movement itself. You become energy, no longer separated from the universe around you.

Time becomes space and space becomes time. There is no past, present or future; you are not concerned with what will happen next.

You become pure joy, a vibrating part of a delicate network which weaves together nature and the cosmos. You are one with the whole.

Chi image 6


Tama-Do Academy offers a Movement Certification Program for those wishing to teach the Tao Yin Fa, as well as individual courses on movement, for those wishing to further expand their consciousness through physical, spiritual and cosmic exploration.

Movement Certification click here
Level 1 Course Descriptions click here

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Martial artist Fabien Maman received a new form of Qi Gong called Tao Yin Fa (Movement for Health). It comes in 5 series of 5 steps.

  1. Series I empowers the Chi of the organs by stretching the 12 acupuncture meridians.

  2. Series II releases psycho/emotional blockages through the interaction of Chi with the quality of space in the 8 directions

  3. Series III tunes with the energies of the 8 Master Stars of the 8 directions.

  4. Series IV gives back to the 8 directions the elements you have been using before to help you to grow.

  5. Series V is for initiate students. It is recognition of being in service to the Universe, by surrendering your whole being.


Chi image 8