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The distance between the earth and any planet of our solar system is measured in harmonics (overtones) instead of miles or kilometers. When we realize that these harmonics/overtones come from pure sound, we understand the need to create acoustic instruments which can bring us back into total resonance with the universe to which we belong.

Energy fields contain crystallizations of negative energy patterns and old memories. In Tama-Do Academy we use our Sound Instruments to "shatter" these crystallizations.

Tama-Do's Sound Instruments®, originally designed by Fabien Maman, take the work back to the source, following the rules of Sacred Geometry.

The tuning for the tubes is not A 440, but, rather, A 438.1. This tuning of A has been used in India and Egypt as an ancient healing frequency, opening the possibility of Self Realization.

The Pyramid in Giza resonates at this frequency. More recently, French physicist Joel Sternheimer found that the frequency A 438.1 corresponds to the vibration of the electron. This vibration attracts a concentration of electrons, recreating new conditions of life at a subatomic level.

These tubes, which are hand carved from three kinds of metal (Copper, Brass and Lenton), achieve near perfection with their overtones. The finest woods make these instruments not only structurally sound, but works of sculptural beauty, evoking the memory of sacred spaces from another time.

When we "retune" ourselves with Tama-Do's Sound Instruments®, we return to our natural health and inheritance linked with the energy of nature and the cosmos. We return to the roots of our original Soul Path.

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