Tama-Do Academy’s new 2018-2019 schedule is now online!

See it here.

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Part 1: Oct 6-12, 2018
Part 2: Jan 12-18, 2019
Part 3: Feb 22-27, 2019

Level I Professional Training Program
Malibu, California

May 12-19, 2019
Shamanic UK

Spiritual Roots with Master Trees and Standing Stones
during the Full Moon of Beltain


June 14-28, 2019
Tama-Do Level I Summer Intensive in Switzerland


June 14-28, 2019
Tama-Do Level II Summer Intensive in Switzerland


July 7-July 21, 2019
Shamanique Journey of Light in the Swiss Alps

“Faery Ventures !
Re-Source your Soul in the Heart of Nature”

Tama-Do Academy 2018-2019
Fall/Winter/Spring Schedule

Read the NEW book!

Initiatique Trees of the Light
by Terres Unsoeld


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