Spring Equinox Meditation from Fabien and Terres 2018

Palm Tree

Date Palm photo courtesy Creative Commons

It’s Spring!!

It’s time to wake up!

Most of the snow has melted (we hope!)
and life is sweet again!

Spring Equinox is the time when the sun’s rays burst forth
and there is now more Light than dark across the land.

It is the time to remember that love never dies!
We must become the change we want to see in the world!

Renewed within our Soul are the seeds of Divine Light.
We are reborn!

Love, Light and Chi
Terres & Fabien


Today, on March 20, as the Sun enters Aries,
apply the A tuning fork with the Blue Light on TW5.
Relax your Throat chakra and sing the song of the Soul!

This is a TAE YANG Year!
In Chinese Temperaments, it is the year of the Noble Leader.
It is time to rise up and step onto your Path!
It’s not a year for resting!  It’s a year of being in service to the higher good of the world.

It is also the Year of the Earth Dog.
Be loyal to your truth and your destiny.
Stay in the Light !  Help to shepherd others to rise up!
If we all participate ~ we can change the world!

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