Spring Equinox Meditation! 2016



When the first light filters through the leaves
my subtle bodies are dressed with cloth of Light…


I am a mirror of the Divine.
I am a part of the Whole.  The Whole is a part of me.
There is no separation.


I am one in the Light.


Spring Equinox ~ this is my time.


The Spring Equinox marks the time of equality, where the days and nights are equal, hovering momentarily before the Sun’s rays burst forth, transforming the dark time of the year to Light.   
The Druids call this time Alban Eilir, which means “The Light of the Earth.”  The daffodils and crocuses shine like the Sun, rejoicing in the Light.  Bluebells and wood anemones stretch their tender green fingers to the sky… 
Winter is over and the children of the Earth are feverishly busy.  The birds have made their nests and are laying their eggs.  Farmers have prepared their fields and are sowing their seeds.  Light Workers have done their Spring cleaning, purifying and clearing the way so that new Light energies can be received.
As the Sun enters Aries, the Spring Equinox is the time when we receive the three arrows of wisdom, inspiration and knowledge from the Sun’s rays in the east.  Renewed within our Soul are the seeds of Divine Light.  We know that we are part of the Whole.  We are reborn.
The Spring Equinox is linked with Aldebaran, The One who Sees, the Master Star of the east.  Aldebaran helps us to align ourselves with God.  When we look into the Eyes of God, “the one who sees through,” no lie is possible.  We stand naked in front of the Divine ~ true to ourself ~ committed to the Light.
In Tama-Do, we link the Spring Equinox with the causal subtle body and the throat chakra.  We incarnate its energy through Yang Wei Mai, one of the 8 extraordinary meridians in Chinese medicine. 
With the Spring Equinox as our Power Date, we are gifted with wisdom, inspiration and knowledge.  We celebrate our place in the Light of the Earth.  Aligned, we take our first step.
Causal body
Throat chakra
Yang Wei Mai
note A on TW 5
Blue light on Throat chakra