Samain, thoughts to meditate on…. 2013

November 2, 2013
Dear Tama-Do Level I and II Graduates….

Thoughts on Samain


We are now in the 4th square Uranus /Pluto that has been going on for a while.

Precisely November 1st, because the Sun & Moon were at the same 11 degree in Libra (sign of diplomacy) we got like a little emotional release. And because it is happening in Libra, it is like a fresh start in a relationship in the middle of a “tornado”.

As we know very often, slow planets like Pluto are triggered by fast planets like Mars and Mercury or of course the Moon. So where astrology can help is to teach us to look within our consciousness what can be the little thing of life that trigger the big resolution we have made, and by this way make sure that we don’t get off our soul Path.

We need more than ever to stay centered in our central axis, because the stretch between the feelings, your emotions and your real will decisions, will be shaken – like Pluto/Uranus can be shake momentarily by the moon.

But for some “human reasons”…most of the time, we like to be drowned by the little picking emotional planets that keep us off balance and side track us from our main trajectory !

Astrology can feed the consciousness of this phenomenon, but your daily practice and your self discipline is the only one that can ground you.

It is always hard to be alone to face all these contradictory energies, that’s the purpose of our yearly meetings in USA or in Europe. Of course we need to be reinforced permanently by the group energy, and the egregor to which we belong.

Samain with  “Allo… Wynn ? Anybody home?!”   (french humor !) is now in the core of this actual transmutation of energies.

So again. again and again test the water everyday, test the air everyday, by breathing in the 8 directions, this is the best way to KNOW what’s the Menu of the day.

To take advantage of it you have to be centered, in the quiet place of your Bindu, where your consciousness is sitting all along this life time.

For Level II Grads:  Make sure you use the C on KI 6 and the orange light on the Tantien.

Love and Chi
Fabien & Terres