Autumn Equinox 2016 !

Dear Tama-Do Students, friends and family

Welcome to The Autumn Equinox 2016 !

The Ancients say that the nature of life inevitably comes from the bright spirit of heaven.
Heaven sends its creative energy down to earth, 
which is materialized into a solid structure. 
This happens because of the invisible magique of The Tao
as played out through its faithful messengers, Ms. Yin & Mr. Yang.
Their continuous dance which spirals into cosmic union
condenses and crystallizes the fine energies of heaven 
allowing the descent of the Spirit into Matter.
At this Autumn Equinox
as they celebrate one more time their Union, 
nothing can be more alive than what they feel now.
I hope that with all our evolved practice of body-mind-spirit in Tama-Do today,
we are able to capture the Light wave coming from Heaven
and let go of the rest…
In this challenging time we pray to the Beings of Light
to assist and guide us so that we can attract 
more and more Light and wonder to
restore Harmony, Love and Light
on our beautiful blue planet Earth !
We wish you a wonderful Celebration of the Autumn Equinox !
For Shamanic Journey of the Light Travelers,
Autumn Equinox is linked to Arcturus, the Druid Star of the West 
and the Master Oak Tree.
For Level II Grads,
Don’t forget the sacred, magique point to capture the energy:
F on Pericardium 6 & Lineage Color for the Root Chakra.

love, light and chi
Terres and Fabien 

Tama-Do Academy

Photo courtesy Lee Wendt