A Call for Peace and Harmony in the Time of Imbolc

Dear Tama-Do Friends and Family,


Fabien and I have spent quite a bit of time this winter meditating on the state of the world, our beloved Mother Earth, and all her children who are brothers and sisters, together under the same sky.

We are certainly in an intensified time of change.  It is a time to pay attention. It is a time to be even more committed to follow the Way of the Soul to the Light!

Every moment of every day, we must rise our energies up to support Peace and Harmony for all living creatures on our beautiful Blue Planet.

This is not a time to be sleeping!
Nor is it a time to curl up and check out.  Nor is it a time to be cynical and negative.

As Imbolc approaches, we must WAKE UP! and express our collective power as creative Souls on a mission of Unity.

United we stand
and divided we fall.



We must let our views be known.
We must let our Light shine forth!
We must speak out!  Sing out! and declare the Truth of all that is beautiful within our Souls, and all that is in alignment with the Cosmic Truth of the Universe.

Pallas Athena, an asteroid in the constellation Virgo, is named after the Greek Goddess of Wisdom and Intelligence.  She uses logic and strategy, rather than brute force, to gain peaceful resolution in conflict.  When we live our lives with Pallas Athena well aspected in our chart, we are adaptable, strong and fair, compassionate and wise.  We use the gifts of a creative, intelligent woman to teach merciful justice and peaceful resolution.

There is no separation in the Light.
There are no walls… no powers that can rip us from our homelands or destroy our ancestral roots.